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Tablet Flex Plan | 2-year
Monthly Service Fee $10.00-$45.00 + installment¹
Base: $10.00
Tier 1: $20.00
Tier 2: $30.00
Tier 3: $45.00
Data Included Base: up to 100 MB
Tier 1: up to 500 MB
Tier 2: up to 2 GB
Tier 3: up to 5 GB
+ Unlimited Wi-Fi at Bell hotspots²
+ Access to Tablet TV for 2 months³
Additional Data Usage Rate Data usage over 5 GB: $10 per GB
Contract 2 year
Connection Fee $35.00
Early Cancellation Fee Any remaining balance outstanding on your Device discount (subsidy).
Notes Tethering not included; chargeable at Pay Per Use Flex Data rates.
¹ Pay for the cost of your tablet in 24 monthly installments at an interest rate of 0% (APR).
² Including participating McDonald’s®, Tim Hortons®, Indigo® and Chapters® locations.
³ Includes 5 hours of viewing over Wi-Fi; additional viewing over Wi-Fi is $3/h. Other conditions apply.
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